Wanted: Humanitarian Heroes

TaroWorks is Seeking Humanitarian Aid Organizations Ready to Transform Their Field Operations With Last-Mile Mobile Technology.

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Are you an NGO providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations through the distribution of physical goods & products?
Are you struggling with disparate & inefficient data systems to track your distribution and your impact?
Are you ready to scale your last-mile operations and maximize your impact through the use of mobile & cloud technology?

Apply now for a $20,000 grant to help you implement TaroWorks Enterprise & Salesforce CRM to monitor your field operations, manage your supply chain, and maximize your impact. 

May 6

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July 1

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We Care Solar

We Care Solar works to provide reliable clean energy solutions for obstetric services in remote areas.  Globally, We Care Solar has equipped more than 7,600 health centers, serving more than 11 million mothers and newborns, with their award-winning Solar Suitcases – compact, complete solar electric systems that enable the provision of effective, around-the-clock maternity care. We Care Solar is using TaroWorks Enterprise to streamline their inventory management, incident and maintenance tracking, and their monitoring & evaluation, allowing them to reach more health facilities in under-resourced communities.

With Taroworks, We Care Solar will seamlessly track the lifecycle of our equipment and capture installation and maintenance activities as they're being done in the field.

Accessing real-time dashboards given our remote work is something we only dreamed about before!

The efficiencies gained will allow us to reach more mothers, newborns, and health workers. 

- Kim Gordon, Director of Operations, We Care Solar


What is TaroWorks Enterprise?

TaroWorks is a last-mile mobile app and field data solution empowering non-profit organizations and social enterprises to monitor field operations, manage inventory and maximize their impact. The TaroWorks & Salesforce solution has been used by over 100+ non-profits and social enterprises across over 60 countries in the world.  TaroWorks was launched within and is fully owned by the Grameen Foundation, a global non-profit that enables the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger.


The TaroWorks Enterprise mobile inventory management app that extends TaroWorks to help organizations track their supply chain, from procurement, to product transfers, to last-mile distribution - even from offline smartphones or tablets. 

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TaroWorks Enterprise

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM solution, and is also the backend database that the TaroWorks app operates on and integrates with.  Salesforce is a cloud-based software that provides organizations with tools that help them better connect with teams, partners, clients, and stakeholders. Using the Salesforce CRM, organizations can track client activity, communicate to stakeholders, and many more services.  Salesforce also provides robust analytics, reporting and visualization tools to help organizations make strategic data-driven decisions.

Why Salesforce?

  • Salesforce offers free licenses to non-profit organizations through The Power of Us program.
  • Salesforce is a complete relational database, makes it easy to understand and gain insights about the relationship between various data points collected over time.

What will the grant award cover?

The $20,000 award will subsidize the upfront cost of implementing TaroWorks Enterprise & Salesforce by setting up your backend database, training your organization’s system administrators and key users, and building initial process workflows to get you started on your transformational journey. The initial implementation will also support you to enroll in Salesforce’s Power of Us[1]  program that provides free licenses to non-profit organizations.

The grant will not cover the ongoing annual subscriptions of TaroWorks Enterprise licenses, or Salesforce licenses beyond the 10 free licenses provided by Power of Us.  It will also not cover implementations costs in excess of $20,000 (more details to be shared in webinar).

Who is eligible to win the grant?

TaroWorks will evaluate applications based on organization needs, the potential for long-term success with the system, estimated long-term impact, and financial need. 

In order to be eligible, you must be a non-profit organization Providing Humanitarian Aid to Vulnerable Populations, with a focus on Refugees, Displaced communities, and Victims of Conflict/Crisis.  You must be distributing some type of physical goods, products, or assets through a supply chain that TaroWorks Enterprise can help you better monitor and manage.

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

  • Organizations should demonstrate a clear strategy and process requirements for last-mile distribution operations.
  • Organizations must have or plan to hire a technical resource (e.g., database manager, CRM systems manager) that will manage the TaroWorks & Salesforce IT system.
  • Support is only available in English, so TaroWorks can only work with English-speaking system administrators.
  • Organizations must be able and willing to pay for ongoing annual TaroWorks Enterprise licenses.

Register to receive more details of the grant, requirements,
the application process, and upcoming webinar invitations.